Month: September 2021

Basic E-commerce site development part-1

In this tutorial, we will learn the way to design the basic database of a simple e-commerce site and create the structure of the file to connect with the database and design the basic front page. Steps: 1. Create a database named ecommerce and run the following SQL statements to create the required tables. CREATE […]

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PHP CRUD operation with Bootstrap and JQuery

The way to perform simple CRUD operation using MySQL database without any form has shown in this tutorial. The basic knowledge of HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, PHP and MySQL is required to understand the tutorial. A simple MySQL table has created and used in this tutorial to show the CRUD operation. Pre-requsite: A. You have to […]

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Install Ubuntu app in Windows 10

You can use Ubuntu inside Windows operating system in different ways. Most common way to install virtual box and install and run the Ubuntu using virtual box. But the computer works very slowly if the configuration of the computer is low when you will run Ubuntu using virtual box. Using Ubuntu app is the alternative […]

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