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How to install Oracle 12c on Windows

Oracle is a popular database software to develop large application. You can download the latest standard or enterprise version of oracle from the oracle website and install it on your computer. Go to the following URL location and download oracle installer according to the configuration of your computer.

Click on Accept License Agreement and select oracle installer to download. Enterprise edition of Oracle 12c is downloaded and installed in this tutorial. You must have oracle account to download oracle installer. After download, go to the download location and click on setup.exe file too start the installation process. The following screen will appear. Wait for sometimes here.

The following screen will appear before loading the installer dialog box.

Type the email address that you want to use for oracle support and click Next.

Select Oracle Support Hub and type http://localhost as Hub URL. Click on Continue button.

Select Create and configure a database and click Next.

Select Desktop class and click Next.

In this step, you can use any existing windows user account or create a new user account for the installation. Here, a new account is created.

In this step, type the Global database name and password. Container database name is optional here.

If the following screen appear then the setup configuration is completed and you start the installation by clicking on Install button.

The steps of this tutorial are shown in the following video tutorial.

You have to wait for large amount of time here to complete the installation process.

During the time of the installation, the following screen will appear. Click on Allow access button.

The installation process will be completed when Finish step will appear. In the next tutorial, I will show how you can install SQL Developer, run Oracle Home page from browser and run SQL plus.

Thank you.

The steps are shown in the following video tutorial.

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