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How to run Bash by using online compiler

What is bash?

Bash is a Unix shell and command language that is widely used in the world of programming and system administration. It stands for “Bourne Again Shell,” referencing its history as a replacement for the original Bourne Shell. Bash is the default shell on most Linux distributions and macOS, making it a fundamental tool for interacting with the operating system through the command line.

Different Online Compiler to run Bash script

  1. OnlineGDB ( OnlineGDB provides an online IDE for Bash, C, C++, Java, Python, and other languages, with built-in GDB support for debugging capabilities.

  2. JDoodle ( JDoodle offers an online compiler that supports running Bash scripts. You can write and execute Bash scripts directly on the website.

  3. ( is an online IDE and compiler that supports multiple programming languages, including Bash. You can create and run Bash scripts in the integrated terminal.

  4. Tutorialspoint ( Tutorialspoint provides an online compiler to run Bash scripts. You can write your script in the editor and click on the “Execute” button to run it.

  5. GoCoedit ( GoCoedit is an online Bash script editor that allows you to write and execute Bash scripts in the browser. It provides a simple and user-friendly interface for coding and running scripts.ShellCheck ( ShellCheck is an online tool that helps you write valid and clean Bash scripts. You can paste your script into the editor and it will provide suggestions and identify errors in your code.

Run bash script using

You can run a simple Bash script containing basic commands using the interactive terminal feature in OnlineGDB. Here’s a basic example:

  1. Go to OnlineGDB (
  2. Create a new file and name it with a .sh extension, for example
  3. Write your Bash script in the editor. For example:

#!/bin/bash echo "Hello, World!"

  1. Click the Compile & Run button.
  2. The output will be displayed in the terminal window below the editor.

Please note that OnlineGDB is more geared towards compiled languages rather than scripting languages like Bash. For more elaborate Bash scripts or script-based tasks, you may want to consider using specific online tools or platforms designed for running Bash scripts.


In conclusion, Online GDB provides a versatile platform for running and testing code, including Bash scripts, in an online environment. By leveraging the capabilities of the Online GDB Compiler, developers can streamline their workflow, collaborate with peers, and troubleshoot code more efficiently. Whether you are a beginner looking to practice coding or an experienced programmer seeking a convenient tool, Online GDB offers a valuable resource for enhancing your coding experience.

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