Online Basic Web Design Course in Bangla

 Course Content:

  • HTML 5 (5 classes)
  • CSS (5 classes)
  • Bootstrap 5 (5 classes)
  • JavaScript (8 classes)
  • Template design using HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript (2 classes)

Total: 25 classes

Classes/week: 3

Class Duration: 2 hours

Students/class: 20

Instructor: 12 years of experience in taking web courses

Course fee: TK. 2000 (50% discount for the first batch)

*** Quiz will be taken in every class.

***Students will be able to ask questions instantly.

***Assignment will be given in every class related to the class content.

***Recording of the class will be given for the practice.

If you are interested to do the course contact the following email address: