Day: March 12, 2019

How to install android on Virtual Box

Android is a very popular operating system. This operating system is now using in many mobile and tablet devices. But you can use this operating in your computer also. You can easily install this operating system on windows using virtual box. Google releases new android operating system named android 7 Nougat. Many new features are […]

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How to save output of terminal command into a file on Ubuntu

The terminal is used to run different types of Linux commands. Sometimes the output of these commands requires for various purposes. There are multiple ways in bash to redirect or save the output of the command into a text file. One way is to use > or >> operator for redirecting command output into a […]

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How to download video on ubuntu

Many computer users are now using media websites regular basis for various purposes, such as entertainment, education or learning purposes. In Ubuntu operating system, you can easily run videos from YouTube or other media based websites but there is no default video downloader to download the video and run it in offline. There are many […]

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