JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers

JavaScript is a popular client-side scripting language that is used in HTML documents mainly for form validation, loading other files and develope any type of client-side application etc. So, the knowledge of javascript is more essential for any web development job. I hope, this article will help the job seekers to prepare them for JavaScript […]

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CSS interview questions and answers

CSS knowledge is a common requirement for any web developer job. The job seekers have to face many types of CSS questions in their job interviews and this article will help them to prepare for CSS interview. Both basic and advanced level CSS interview questions and answers are described in this article.  #01. What is […]

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40 HTML5 interview questions and answers

HTML is the major language to start any web application. The job seekers who are searching web designer or web developer jobs have to face some common interview questions in their interview. 40 HTML interview questions and answers are explained in this article to help those readers. #01 HTML stands for? HTML stands for HyperText […]

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