Host an angular 8 project in Apache Server

Angular project hosting is not similar to other project hosting. After completing your angular project development task, you can host the project easily in Apache server. How you can host an angular project in local and online Apache server is shown in this tutorial. For local server: You just need to run the build command […]

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How to convert a simple HTML template into Angular Project

Converting any HTML template into Angular project makes the web development task more easier and faster. A very simple responsive HTML template is used in this tutorial to create a angular project. Steps: 1. Download any HTML template that contains CSS, JS, HTML and media files only. A free HTML template, “TINKER” is downloaded for […]

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Angular CRUD using PHP and MySQL

This tutorial will help you to learn angular CRUD operation using PHP and MySQL. This tutorial is divided into two parts. One for PHP & MySQL code and another for angular code. PHP and MYSQL Part: Steps: 1. Create a database named angdb. 2. Create a table named ‘products‘ with the following fields. CREATE TABLE […]

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