How to use conditional statement in JavaScript

Conditional statement Conditional statement is an essential part of any programming language. It is used to execute one or more statements based on particular condition. Each condition works on a Boolean value that can be true or false. Like other programming languages, if, else if, else and switch statements are used in JavaScript to perform […]

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Simple form validation using HTML and JavaScript

Form validation is an essential part of any type of web project. JavaScript is a good choice to validate any form before submit because it doesn’t reload the page. This tutorial will help the reader to learn the basic form validation by using JavaScript. Follow the following steps to complete the tutorial. Steps: 1. Create […]

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Captcha implementation using Javascript

This tutorials shows a very simple way of developing captcha by using html and javascript code. You have to create some images with png extension that contains some characters without any order to test the following code. Steps: 1. Create some images for using as captcha text. 2. Create a html file named captcha.html  and […]

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