Month: August 2019


How to create animated GIF on windows 10

Movable image is called an animated GIF (Graphical Interchange Format). This type of image is very popular now. Many websites are using an animated image as logo, banner or movable text. Animated gif contains a list of images that can repeat as a loop or stops after a certain period. The same type of animated […]

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Web Programming

How to upload folder using HTML and PHP

File or list of files can be uploaded easily to the server by using HTML form and PHP. But uploading any folder that contains list of files or other folders is a little complicated task. This tutorial will help you to learn the way to upload any folder to the server by using HTML form […]

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Web Design

Simple Webpage Design using Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a popular framework now for designing responsive website. How you can design a very simple webpage using bootstrap as a beginner is shown in this tutorial. Steps: 1. Create a folder named “bootstrap project” and keep the following files in the folder. Jquery.js bootstrap.min.css bootstrap.min.js 2. Create a html file add the link […]

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