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WordPress Theme Development from scratch:Part-1

Any WordPress theme can be developed by two ways. You can develop the theme based on any HTML template or the theme can be developed from the scratch. In this tutorial, a wordpress theme is developed from the scratch. Steps: ***************Adding header, footer and main content ***************** 1.Create a folder named ‘CarTheme’ in theme folder […]

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Convert HTML Template to WordPress Theme – Part 2

Steps: 1.Add code in functions.php file for custom navigation menu register_nav_menus(array(‘primary’=>__(‘primary menu’, ‘saloon’))); 2. Add a primary menu from admin panel 3. Modify the menu section of header.php <ul class=”site-menu js-clone-nav mx-auto d-none d-lg-block”> <?php wp_nav_menu(array(‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’));?> </ul> 4. Add the following css in style.css file under css folder for menu li { display: […]

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Convert HTML Template to WordPress Theme – Part1

This tutorial will help you convert any html template to wordpress theme. You can download any free template and follow this tutorial to  convert it into wordpress theme. Steps: 1. Download the theme that you want to convert. Here, I have used a responsive hairsal free HTML template. You can download the theme from the […]

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