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Angular is a javascript based framework to develop dynamic web application. It is mainly used for developing one page application. Misko Hevery developed AngularJS in 2009 and Google maintains this software now. The latest version of angular is Angular 8 which is released in May 2019. This tutorial is for the programmer who want to learn angular for web development. Before start programming in angular you have to install the necessary software and setup the configuration to run angular app from the local server. This tutorial will help you to install angular 8 on windows 10.


1. Download the current version of nodejs based on the operating system from the following URL location.


2. Run the installer to install nodejs.

3. Go to the installation folder of nodejs. The default installation location is,” C:\Program Files\nodejs”. Type cmd to open command prompt.

4. Run the following command to check the current version installed nodejs.

node -v

5. Run the following command to check the installed version of Node Package Manager (npm).

npm -v

6. Now, run the following command to install the latest version of angular.

npm install --global @angular/cli

You can check the installed version of angular by running the following command.

ng --version

The following information will appear if angular 8 is installed properly.

7. Git tool is used for some required packages of angular app development. So download the git from the following URL location based on operating system.


8. After installing the git, run the following command to check the installed version of git tool.

git --version

9. Run the following commands to set email address and user’s name before creating any angular app.

git config --global user.email "fahmida@example.com"
git config --global user.name "Fahmida Yesmin"

10. Now, go the folder where you want to create the angular app from the command prompt. Here, d:\code\angular is selected for creating the app. Run the following command to create the angular app. Type ‘y’ to start creating the project folder.

ng new angapp

11. The following information will appear if the app creation process is completed successfully.

12. Go to the app folder and run the following command to install bootstrap package for angualar app.

cd angapp
npm install bootstrap

13. You have to attach the bootstrap with the app. Open the style.css file from the location, src/style.css and add the following line. Save the file.

@import url('../node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css');

14. Now, you can start the server from the project folder by running the following command to check the app is working properly or not. Here the server will run at port, 5000.

ng serve --port 5000 --open

The following output will appear if the app is running properly from the local server.

Your angular app is now ready to work. you can now create necessary files and folders in the src folder, and test the output.

You can see the steps in the following video link.

Good Luck.

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