Learn by easy steps


XAMPP is a popular software for learning web programming. All necessary tools to implement a web application are included in this software, such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc. The way of installing XAMPP on windows operating system has been shown in this tutorial.


1. Go to the following URL to download the latest version of the XAMPP server.


Click on the particular Download button to download open the download page of the XAMPP server installer.

P1 2

2. Click on the Download Latest Version button to download the XAMPP server installer.

P2 3

3. After completing the download, run the installer. The following dialog box will appear. Follow the instruction properly to complete the installation process.


4. Run the XAMPP server after completing the installation process. The following dialog box will appear. Click on the Start button of the Apache option to run the Apache server.

P6 1

5. The following message will appear if the Apache server runs successfully.

P8 2

6. Open a browser and run the following URL to check the Apache server is working properly or not.


If the following page will appear if the Apache server is running successfully.


Well done!!! Now you can start web programming.