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During browsing, sometimes a pop up window appears in the top of the browser for some particular websites which is called notification. This is called push notification which is used to alert user about email arrival, calendar notification, newly created content or comment etc. that are configured by the user. The users who write blogs or newsletter may like this feature but this feature is painful for those users who doesn’t like interruption during browsing. So they want to disable this feature from the browser. This article shows how you can prevent website from asking you to show notification on popular browser like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Google Chrome

Open chrome browser and type chrome://settings in the address bar to open setting options.

Click Advanced and Privacy and Security option.

Click on Content Settings option

Click on Notifications

Disable the Blocked option. There are other two options in this page. Block section is used to block specific websites. Allow section is used to allow particular websites for send notification. For example, maximum users like get notification from most popular social networking site Facebook. So you can add this website address in allow section.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Firebox browser and type about:config in the address bar for advanced settings. If you change anything inappropriately in this section then your browser will not able to work properly. So when you type the command the browser will ask permission from you to continue the task. You can checked or unchecked the option Show this warning next time and click on I accept the risk button.

Type notification on the search box and press enter.

Click on dom.webnotifications.enabled preference and make the value false.


Open Opera browser and click on menu and settings option.

Type notification in the search box to find out the notification settings option. Select the option Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications


If you want to disable this type of notification from other browse like safari or Internet explorer then you have to search this type of setting option in that browser’s setting. So now you can enjoy browsing on your popular browser without any interruption. If you change your mind any time to activate the notification then you can easily enable notification option on your browser using the same steps shown in this article.

You can show the above steps from the following video link.