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Windows user needs to provide a password for authenticating himself/herself to login in the operating system. The most common way of authentication is typing text as a password. The new features are added in windows 8 and windows 10 for authentication and make the authentication process easier for windows users. Now Windows 10 users can use normal password, PIN and picture password for logging into the system. Normally the users of the windows 10 login to the system by typing Microsoft email account password or local account password. If you enable the other password setting option like PIN or picture password then you can be able to log in without typing password. But there is a limitation to use this type of password. If you run the operating system in safe mode then this feature will not work and you have to use the tradition way to log in.

What is Picture Password?

You can use picture password if you don’t prefer to remember and type the long password for login. This type of password setting is mainly used in touch screen devices. First, you have to choose and set a picture for password and every time when your login screen appears then you have to choose your previously selected picture to authenticate yourself in the system. How you can set the picture as the password in windows 10 is shown in this article.

Setting Picture Password

Typesetting in the search box to open settings dialog box.


Click on Accounts icon to open account setting options.


Click on Sign-in option to change log-in option. There are three ways to login to the system. One is tradition password setting, second is PIN password setting and third is picture password setting for log-in. This article mainly focuses on the picture password setting. Before setting this option you must set the traditional password for login because picture password is not applicable for all types of login and if you fail to log in by picture password then you can log in by traditional password. Click on the ADD button.


You have to provide your tradition password before setting picture password.


Click Choose picture button to select your picture.


Browse and select your desired picture and click Open button.


If you want to change your picture then you can change it by clicking Choose new picture button. To go to the next step, click on Use this picture button.


Now confirm your gesture by clicking a particular section of the image. You can see my video link below to know clearly how you can gesture image.


After confirmation, the following screen will appear. Click on Finish button.


You have to log out from your current session to check your picture password is working or not. So click on the window button and click on the account name. Select logout from the menu and try to log in again. If you are able to set the picture password successfully the picture login option will appear. Draw your gesture for three times. If you are able to draw the correct gesture then you will be able to enter the system.