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You can easily take a screenshot of your monitor using snipping tool or print screen button. But if you want to take the entire web page of a website then these options are not applicable. If the page is too long then you have to take multiple images of the page by scrolling the vertical or horizontal bar. It is very time consuming and inefficient task. Many browsers will allow you to save the page as PDF file. When you convert the webpage as PDF file then the original formatting of the page can be changed. There are other ways to solve this problem, such as using Browser plugin, standalone screenshot tools, web-based tools etc. One of the easiest ways to capture the whole web page is to use Browser built-in plugin. This article will help you learn how you can capture the entire page of a web page in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browser by using built-in plugin.

Google Chrome

To add the screen capture plugin in Google Chrome, go to Chrome Web store by clicking on the following link:



Type screen capture in the search box and press enter. Available screen capture plugin will be shown. Click on ADD TO CHROME button attached with Full page screen capture plugin to add the extension in the Chrome browser.


If the extension is added properly in the browser the following screen will appear.


Now open a web site which contains a long page with the vertical or horizontal bar and applies the added plugin to capture the entire page.


After capturing the entire web page will look like this. You can use the zoom tool to expand the image. Save the image in your desired location. Go to save folder and open the image in chrome browser. Enlarge the image to show the full view.

Mozilla Firefox

There are many add-ons are available in the Firefox browser to capture the whole image of a web page. You can use Easy Screenshot add-on for capturing the entire image. This add-on has many special features without screen capturing. To install this add-on go to the add-on from settings.


Click on Extensions and type easy screenshot in the search box and press enter.


Click on the install button to install the add-on.


Open a site that you want to capture. Click on the Easy Screenshot button and select Capture Whole Web Page option.


After capturing the page, you will get many options for this add-on to work with the captured image. Tools are available to crop the particular portion of the web page, draw different types of shape like a circle, square or freehand drawing on the image. If you want to hide something or make blur any part of the image then you can use blur tool. You can make a copy of the file or save the file in the local disk. By default, the image saves in your download folder. After doing any modification, click on the Save button from the toolbar to save the image. Go to the save folder location and open the file.



To save the entire web page is now a very easy task by using this type of helping browser plug-in. You can also try others free screenshot add-ons of your browser to do the above work.