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To gain access to other’s files and folders you need to have ownership of that content. Sometimes it is necessary to get ownership of other’s content. Suppose if a computer is shared by multiple users and some users does not exist who have used this computer before and created many files and folder. Now if you want to access those files and folders then you will not be able to do that task because of permission problem. But if you have administrative privilege then you can get the ownership of that content by changing some settings. This process will also help administrator users to control other normal user’s content. If any user want to give ownership of his/her file or folder to others user then he/she can also follow the same steps that are shown in this article.

Change Ownership of Files or Folders

Select the files or folder that you want to take ownership and right click on it. Select Properties from the pop-up menu to open the Properties dialog box.

Select Security tab and click on Advanced button to open Advanced Security Settings dialog box.

To change the ownership click on Change link.

Click Advanced button to choose the owner.

Click Find Now button to show the user list.

Select the username from the list for whom you want to set the ownership. Click OK.

Now the selected username will be shown in the object name text box. Click OK.

Set Permission for Files or Folders

The ownership name of the file or folder will be shown in the top of the dialog box. There is a checkbox option in the top to replace the owner. If the previous owner of the selected file or folder not exist or you want to take the ownership from the existing owner for any reason then you use this option. You have to check Replace owner on subcontainers and objects option to replace the existing ownership. Now click Add button to open permission entry dialog box to set permission for selected file or folder.

Click on Select a Principal link to select the username name again and repeat the previous steps to select the username from the user list. After selection, click on OK button.

The principal username will be shown in the top of the permission dialog box. Six basic permissions can be set in permission section. You can set specific permission by selecting particular checkbox or all permissions by selecting Full control checkbox. Click on OK button after permission selection.

The ownership and permission of the selected file or folder is now set and the selected owner will be now able do all operations that are set by permission setting. Click OK to compete the task.

If you have administrative privilege then you can easily take ownership of other user’s file and folder of your computer by following the above steps. And if you want to take the ownership permanently from the real owner then that can also be done by using replace owner option.