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When the Oracle in installed and configured properly then the user can run and use SQL Developer to create database and do other database related operations. SQL developer provides GUI to do database task more easily. If you install oracle 11g or oracle 12c then SQL developer will be installed by default. How you can use SQL developer after installing oracle is shown in this tutorial.


1.Type sql in the search box to find SQL developer application. Click on SQL developer.


2. The following dialog box will appear after running the SQL developer. Click on new connection button to create new database connection.


3. Fill up the dialog box to with database name, username, password and other settings.


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4. Click on Test button to check the connection is working or not. The success message will appear if the connection is working properly otherwise error message will be shown.

o45. Click on Connect button to create the connection. The following screen will appear after the successful database connection.