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Parental control of windows is a very important feature for your kids when they attach regularly with Internet-connected computer or another similar device. Children are using the Internet for various purposes like browsing, watching videos, playing online games etc. To keep the children from the unwanted or bad effects of the Internet, parents can set various options of parental control feature in their Windows operating system based computer or other devices. This feature helps parents to monitor their children’s daily activities on the Internet, set restriction on using online games or apps and many more things. This article will help you to learn how you can set up basic parental control in windows 10.

Open Child Account

Click on search option and type “setting” in the text box to find out the settings option. Click on the settings option to open the system setting window.


Click on Accounts icon to open account setting window.

Create a Child Account

You have to sign-in to your Microsoft account before creating any child account. After log-in, Click on Family & other users option and click on “Add a family member” button.

Select “Add a child” option and click on the link “the person I want to add doesn’t have an email address”.

Type the username of the new email address that you want to set for your child. Type password, Select country name, and Date of birth. Click on Next button.

To make your child account safe add the verification phone number and click on Next button.

Check those checkboxes which are most relevant for kids and click on Next button.

Click on the Next button.

Now the newly created account will be shown as the following screenshot. Click on Manage family setting the online link to set parental control setting from Microsoft website.

Manage child Account Online

Click on SIGN IN WITH MICROSOFT button and sign-in with parent account who will control the child account.

The following screen will appear after sign-in. There are four setting options for the child account. These are Check recent activity, Web browsing, Screen time and More options.

The following information will appear after clicking Check recent activity link. Activity reporting is Off by default.

The following options will be enabled after enabling Activity reporting. To get weekly report information about your child’s recent activities by email check Email weekly reports to me option.

Click on Web browsing link to set browsing related options. Make Block inappropriate websites on to block adult content. For setting more restriction on browsing you can assign allowable websites list for your kids. To do this, check Only see websites on the allowed list option.

Type URL address and click Allow button to add allowed website in the list.

Click on Apps, games & media link to set the restriction on online contents. Make Block inappropriate apps and games option to On to block mature movies and games from the kids. You can also set age restriction by clicking age drop-down list.

You can block apps and games by removing specific browser.

Click on screen time link to set the restriction on your child’s daily usage. You can set the time limit based on weekday which is set unlimited by default.

Click on Purchase & spending link to set restriction on your child’s online purchase. By clicking on the drop down list you can set this type of apps and games for your kids. If you want to get notification about the use of your child’s used apps and games then check Let me know when my child gets an app or game option.

Click on Find your child link to get information about your child’s current location by identifying the location of windows 10 device carried by your child. To use this feature your child will need a windows 10 mobile with location option enabled.

These are the basic setting of parental control on windows 10.