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Some settings need to configure to run oracle 21c home page from the browser. After completing the installation of oracle 21c, do the followings tasks from SQL plus to run oracle home page from the browser. Before starting this tutorial you have to install oracle 21c. The installation steps of oracle 21c is shown in the following tutorial link.


1.Open command prompt and type the following command.

sqlplus /nolog

2. Connect as system user by executing the following command. Run the command with empty password.

connect system as sysdba

3. Run the following command to run Oracle Database EM Express from remote client.


4.  Run the following command to set the password for the username, system.

alter user system identified by "123456" account unlock;

6. Open any browser and go to the following url to run oracle Home page from the default port.


The steps are shown in the following video.