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Storing computer system files and registry settings in a particular location before updating the system is called the restore point. If your windows do not work properly for any reason then you can easily restore the system in the previous working state by using a restore point. Restoring the system in the previous state only affects the system files, registry settings, and other executable files but it doesn’t make any change on personal files. So there is no possibility to lose any necessary content by restore. By default, Windows creates a system restore automatically when it detects any major changes in the operating system like driver or windows update, new software install, etc. But you can set the restore point manually also before making any change to your system. You will be able to create a restore point manually by reading this article.

Create a Restore Point Manually

Click on the search box and type restore to find out the option Create a restore point. Click on it to open System Properties dialog box.


Select the drive that you want to enable protection. Here the system local disk (C:) is chosen. Click on configure button to open dialog of system protection for local disk (C:)


Select Turn on system protection as restore setting and set the maximum disk space size for system protection. Here 20% space of disk C: is set to keep restore data. When this space will fill up then the old data will be removed to create space for storing new data. Click on the delete button to remove all restore point of this drive. Click on OK button to complete the restore setting for drive C.


After enabling system protection for drive C, click on Create button to open System Protection dialog box.


Type the name for the restore point to identify it later if restore to the previous state is required for any reason. Click Create button and wait for some times to complete the restore task.


The following dialog box will appear after creating restore point successfully,


Restore Windows in the Previous State

If any problem arises for installing or updating any new software then windows user can solve this problem by clicking System Restore button to go to the previous state before installing the software.


There is another alternative way to restore windows in the previous state by system restore. Type run on the search box to find out the Run option.


Click on Run and type rstrui.exe in the text box of the Run dialog box. Press enter or click OK button to open System Restore dialog box.


Click on the Next button to go for the next page.


Select the previously created restore point name and click on Next button to go for the next page.


Click on Finish button to open the final dialog box to start the process of restoration. If you press Yes button then restore process will start and this operation can’t be stopped. So by taking the final decision, click on Yes or No button.



You can create restore point easily and restore the system in the previous state by following the above steps.