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Computer users take screenshot for many purposes. Screenshot can be used to make any project report, describe the functionality of any software, design any type of tutorial etc. To do these type of works, there is a build-in tool for windows users named Snipping tool. Windows user can take snip of different shape from screen using this tool. Users can also take screenshot by print screen button of the keyboard and save the image as a file by using other software like paint. But this process is time consuming and not efficient. You can easily take screen image of different shapes and save the snip without using other software by Snipping tool. The other important feature of this tool is that it is built-in with windows operating system. So you don’t need to purchase any software for taking screenshot efficiently. How you can use Snipping tool in windows 10 is described in this article.

Open Snipping Tool

You can open snipping tool in various ways in windows 10. To open it quick and easily, click on the search option and type ‘sn’. It will display the Snipping tool app.

Click on the app and open it. It will show the following dialogue box with four options. New button is used to capture snip by selecting particular snip type which is explained later. Delay button is used to take snip after fixed time. Cancel button is used cancel the snip operation. Setting button is used to set many snipping options.

Taking Any Snip

There are four options to take a new snip in Snipping tool. First option is Free-form Snip.

You can take any free-hand shape of snip by selecting this option.

Next option is Rectanular Snip and it is the default snip option.

You can take any rectangular shape snip by using this option.

Next snipping option is Window Snip.

This option is used to take full window shape snip.

You can take Full screen snip by selecting Full-screen snip option.

Save and Format the Snip

After taking any type of snip you have to save the file by clicking on the save button. There are other various actions to do in Snipping tool after taking any snip. If you want to copy and paste the snip to other application then click copy button and paste on the desired application. If you want to send the snip by email to someone then click the email icon. There are other two options which are used to do any formatting in your taken screenshot. One is free hand drawing and another is to highlight any portion of the image. To erase any formatting you can use the erase icon from the toolbar.

To take any snip after fixed time period you can use the Delay button from the toolbar. By default 0 second option is used to take any snip. You can choose any option from 0 to 5 seconds to make delay before taking any snip.

The last button is the setting option. There are two groups of setting. How snipping tool will act at the time of taking any snip can be set by Application setting.

Selection ink color can be set by ink color of selection option and if you want show the selection ink after taking snip then you have to check Show selection ink after snips are csaptured option.


Capturing screen image is now very easy task with the help of this free tool.