Month: September 2019


Send email using PHP with PHPMailer and Gmail account

There are many ways to send email using PHP script. PHPMailer is one of the ways to send email using PHP. It is a PHP library that contains various functions to send email in different ways. The email sending operation can be tested from localhost by using PHPMailer. How you can send email in text […]

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AngularJS Installation

AngularJS is a popular JavaScript based MVC framework for developing any dynamic website. It is an open-source client-side framework. So, anyone can easily download and use this framework to develop any Single Page Application (SPA). If you are new for this framework and want to learn AngularJS to develop any web application, then you have […]

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How to take ownership of files and folder in windows 10

To gain access to other’s files and folders you need to have ownership of that content. Sometimes it is necessary to get ownership of other’s content. Suppose if a computer is shared by multiple users and some users does not exist who have used this computer before and created many files and folder. Now if […]

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Host a simple web project in a free hosting server

Host any website to a free hosting server is quite similar to host any website to the paid server. You must have a free hosting account to complete this tutorial. How you can create a free hosting account is shown in this tutorial. So, you have to complete the steps of this tutorial before starting […]

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40 HTML5 interview questions and answers

HTML is the major language to start any web application. The job seekers who are searching web designer or web developer jobs have to face some common interview questions in their interview. 40 HTML interview questions and answers are explained in this article to help those readers. #01 HTML stands for? HTML stands for HyperText […]

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